Some months ago six friends—average age 68— were discussing the fact that there were virtually no interesting female role models our age.

We got Tina Turner and Eartha Kitt—on Broadway in their 70s. Also British actors Helen Mirren and Judy Dench (70s), plus the presidents of Brazil and South Korea (60s), and America’s own head of the Federal Reserve (age 72).

But what about all those interesting women who aren’t on the stage or screen, in a gallery, politics or the New York Times? What about us? Where is the blog about us?

So we decided to create a new image of “the older woman” through the social media, portraying an absolutely fabulous female role model—above the age of 60 who’s doing something quietly important.

Several times a month we’ll post a story about these women—maybe one of you—what you’re doing, an insight,  a book you’ve written, a neighborhood you’ve saved—or fed, the clothes you wear or the “look” you’ve personalized, a project for kids, the gallery you’ve opened.

Who knows, we may start a trend—making visible the remarkable women who thought they didn’t count because they were over sixty.


  1. What a creative and fun idea. I am flattered to be included. At 77, I am just beginning to mature! What fun for all of us “young things”…as I say ” all I know how to do is talk and eat”. It seems to work, as I continue to travel around the world with my Inuit exhibition of 20 Baker Lake Wall Hangings + “talk and eat”.
    I curate/lecture and work with 8-12 year olds having then create their culture on cloth. This began in Beijing and has continued around the world: Tiannemen Square in Beijing, totem poles in Ketchikan Alaska, volcanoes in Costa Rica, gers/yurts in Mongolia, symbols and countryside felted in Riga Latvia, Sweden and Finland – bldgs., colorful houses in Bermuda, kremlin in Moscow, +++ recently sailboats (on the Adriatic) and
    old bldgs in Croatia…such fun. This weekend I fly back to Croatia and then to Montenegro to c/l…Make not a penny, but am so committed to the art, culture and
    people of Nunavut – a joy and my passion to share. So many places around the world – still ahead…a letter from Yakutia Art Museum in northeastern Siberia + more in Moscow and possibly ST. Ptersburg…then there is Europe, Norway, Iceland and Greenland. I am so grateful that I am not old…!

  2. Thanks for this blog! Great post about Emily Kimball. I’ve known her for years and have always admired her and the way she follows her dreams!

    A couple of other older women you might want to consider writing about: Frances Wessels, 93 year old dancer, who still dances and performs, and Lynn Anderson, who at 68 climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro, then two years later climbed to base camp at Mt. Everest. She helps organized the Richmond Marathon every year and trains new runners. Both are fabulous women and great role models for those of us who are hoping to age vibrantly!

    1. Great suggestions. Thanks. I have already thought of Francess Wessels and plan to call her. I don’t know Lynn Anderson, but if you would like to introduce us I would appreciate that. You are doing just what I had hoped–namely, introduce other remarkable older women whose stories should be told. There’s no end to it….

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